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Auto Attendants

The auto attendant functions like a virtual receptionist, connecting incoming calls to extensions and other devices that have been configured to the system. The auto attendant often announces a company’s name, followed by a selection of dialing options. A typical welcome message might be "Thank you for calling Company ABC, "for Sales, press 1," "for Accounts, press 2," and "for the dial-by-name directory, press 4." Callers press the number that corresponds with their selection and are directed accordingly.


Creating an Auto Attendant


  • Go to auto attendants by clicking on Auto Attendants under Accounts as shown above.
  • On top, click the tab Create to create a new auto attendant.
  • In the Account Name field, enter an extension number and/or alias, i.e., a DID number. When entering an alias in addition to an extension number, use the following syntax: 667/9781234567.

Note: If you use a space instead of a slash (667 9781234567), you will create two separate accounts that will be unrelated to each other.

  • To create multiple accounts at the same time, use a space between the numbers: 667 668 669
  • PressCreate.
  • The auto attendant(s) will be created which you can see in the "auto attendant list" or in "all accounts list", where you can enter each auto attendant just by clicking it, in order to modify it if you want, as explained below.


Configuring an Auto Attendant

Once you've created an auto attendant account, use the following information to configure your settings.

  • Go to your selected domain in the Vodia PBX web interface.
  • Go to Auto Attendants .
  • Click on any auto attendant from the list that you want to change.
  • Here you can configure the settings. You can also go back to the list of Auto Attendants, if you want, by clicking on the List tab above.

Explanation and Use of Some of the Settings



Account Number(s): This field takes extension number(s) and/or DID number(s). The number of DIDs that can be entered into this field is unlimited.

Name: This field allows you to create an alias so that you can quickly identify the Account among other Accounts. For example, when creating aliases for an auto attendant, you might use the names Day Auto Attendant and Night Auto Attendant to distinguish the auto attendants from one another.

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